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To request live demo with our sales engineering team please go to our contact page demo section and choose from available time slots on the display. After choosing time slot web meeting would be automatically added to your calendar.

If you are interested in setting up a team training with Logicom coaches, please send email to sales@logicomsoft.com providing us with amount of attendees and topics of interest and we arrange a dedicated team training at a comfortable time. We don’t have attendee limits, however training in groups up to 10 people allow everybody ask questions during the training session.

If you are seeking for more value from our software to your business, we are encouraging you to take the opportunity and make a feature request by sending email to sales@logicomsoft.com

If you want to reduce the amount of routine daily work and automate communication between software in your tech-stack you can request an integration between Logicom’s Portum and any other business software you are currently using. To form such a request please write an email to our sales team sales@logicomsoft.com and we will guide you through the process.

Password reset is available in Portum on user dashboard. If you can’t access your user dashboard click on “forget password” on login screen.

In case of any issues or questions our support team would be happy to help, please let us know how we can help by opening support ticket. It can be opened automatically by submitting a form on support page, or you can send email to support@logicomsoft.com and our support agents will create a new ticket and find a solution for your case shortly.

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