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Logicom Software’s LogiFax platform enables voice service providers to economically integrate faxing as a white-label offering. LogiFax unifies different faxing clients and formats into an intuitive streamlined document management process. It is a flexible feature-full service delivers customized workflows and integrates via RESTful and custom APIs. LogiFax is offered as a SaaS and may be deployed in a carrier or enterprise cloud.

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Built upon proprietary technologies via HTTPS communication, on-the-fly encryption and security of the authentication keys, LogiFax fulfills standards of most compliancy frameworks. LogiFax’s embedded security meets HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, GLBA regulatory requirements. Logicom stands behind the security and compliance of its products by signing required regulatory documents and facilitating proof of implemented security measures and its management.

Today’s Product

Ease of Use

LogiFax cloud faxing is easy to set up, quick to deploy, and simple to use. LogiFax seamlessly integrates with 3rd party applications by which streamlines the faxing and document management process. Everything a provider’s fax user needs via a single pane of glass (SPOG).

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