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Portum – Customized Solution for Each Client

Logicom’s Portum is a white-label SaaS portal providing the management of Cisco BroadWorks® infrastructure for service providers and end-users. Portum delivers fundamental and advanced voice services functionality, automates support workflow, and creates new revenue centers via embedded services and integrations with external apps. Logicom’s team completes the solution with custom development and on-demand integration creation with carriers’ and customers’ applications.

Increased Admin Efficiency

Faster provisioning and day-to-day operations

Reduced Support Workload

Customer self-service, bulk operations

Added Features

New features released every month

Key Benefits

Empowering Carriers with Efficient Workflows and Integrations

Offer cutting edge features and functionality for future-proof value-added implementations. Improve deal closure and retain customers by integrating key carrier systems into a seamless and efficient workflow.

Save effort with improved workflows, customer self-service, process automation, billing application integration, provisioning automation, and QR code driven wizards. Save time with bulk operations wizards too.

Create additional profit centers with add-on functionality like call recording, call transcription, SMS delivery, fax and other integrations. Move into next generation of UCaaS with UC One and WebEx client support.

Minimize exposure through granular role-based access control. Maintain detailed audit logs. Stay ahead of regulatory concerns such as offering a E911 portal to your customers to register their locations.


Bulk Provisioning, UC-One Wizard


Call Recording, Call Transcription


Integration With 100+ Apps


Customizable Role-Based Access Rights


Licensing Inventory, Insightful Dashboards


Wholesale Platform, UCaaS Client Support

Our Process

Custom Software Development


Analyzing Your Critical Business Processes

We approach solution development with better understanding of your organization, business processes, and tech stack


Developing Optimal Automated Workflows

Logicom developes solutions and functionalities with your business needs & requirements in mind, aimed to make complex tasks easy


Increased Efficiency and Streamlined Data

Leverage automated processes for saving time and money, diminishing human errors, and boosting employee productivity

Make Your BroadWorks Future-Proof