A Logicom “Carrier” client has achieved improved operational efficiencies utilizing Portum. They have attained cost savings, improved sales and enhanced their customers’ overall experience through the implementation of the graphical user interface (GUI).

The Background

Logicom’s Customer in this case is a private national telecommunications carrier located in the Northeastern United States. The company has deployed over 20,000 end-user licenses on its BroadSoft platform over a 10-year period. As the carrier and its embedded base of customers grew, they had difficulties scaling operations and managing their licenses. The tools provided by BroadSoft were not adequate to provide efficient user management and support via a platform. The carrier’s end-user customers were also concerned with the lack of functionality with the native BroadSoft portal. The carrier sought a solution that could enhance its internal operations as well as provide a better user interface for its end-user clients. The carrier had three key goals in the vendor selection process:

  • Improve its ability to provision users and devices
  • Develop a flexible administration capability to help with user management and support
  • Create an end-user GUI to improve customer experience

The Solution

Logicom, with its Portum portal, was the vendor of choice because of its overall functionality, provisioning capabilities and user management tools. This provided the carrier’s end users with a completely new, intuitive and customized GUI that became a major selling tool for the carrier’s sales organization. Implementation of Logicom’s Portum has reduced the support requirements as well.

The Logicom team was able to deploy Portum in under thirty days for the carrier’s entire Broadsoft platform. The carrier was able to dramatically improve its provisioning team’s ability to onboard new customers. Portum also provided the carrier with a flexible administration interface to enhance the end-user management and support. Portum’s end-user GUI interface was rolled out smoothly to clients. This improved the client experience and allowed enterprise users to self-administer most major functions, including call control, password resets and individuals’ settings.

The Results

The Company has realized several benefits from working with Logicom, including improved cost efficiencies through automation, reduced customer provisioning intervals and a dramatic increase in customer support performance. In the customer service department, the average time to resolve customer issues was reduced by over 30%.

Overall, the Company achieved a costs savings of over 40% on its Broadsoft administration spend. Logicom was able to demonstrate the dedication of its highly focused support team by quickly implementing the Portum portal solution with complete customization to the telecommunications carrier’s requirements.

“Choosing Logicom as our BroadSoft interface provider was an easy decision. There was a significant amount of savings immediately and a full return on investment (ROI) was achieved in less than six months. What is attractive about Logicom is that their Portum portal is custom designed to address our multiple requirements to improve provisioning and administration as well as improving the end-user experience”.

Carrier’s CTO

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