The Logicom Customer (Company) has deployed Logicom’s new end-user interface to improve the overall user experience. It automates the provisioning process and reduces support calls significantly. Kari’s Law compliance for E911 is also addressed through the portal.

The Background

The Logicom Customer (Company) is a private telecommunications carrier in the United States. The Company has in deployment over 14,000 BroadSoft end-user licenses and over 30,000 SIP trunks. The Company was looking to modernize the end-user interface to improve their sales. Enhancing the user experience through the ability to self-manage their accounts was also a goal. Their concern of their provisioning department was a lack of scalability to keep up with the expanding account base. Onboarding new customers took a long time. There was pressure to add staff to handle the increased volume of customer service requests.
The Company was worried about the new Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act and its ability to meet the new requirements. Kari’s Law requires that new phone systems enable users to directly dial 911 without having to dial a prefix to reach an outside line. It should also provide notification (e.g. to a front desk or security office) when a 911 call is made. Working in conjunction with Kari’s Law, Ray Baum’s Act requires the location of each endpoint telephone to be registered with emergency services in the event 911 is made from one of the endpoint telephones.

The Solution

The Company evaluated Logicom’s Portum software portal as a solution to improve performance and service levels for its Broadsoft platform. Their provisioning department quickly learned to utilize the Portum processes of:

  • Adding new users
  • Assigning/modifying feature packs
  • Adding, programing and rebooting remote devices
  • Password resets

Portum also provided easy endpoint location registration for E911 and notification to front/security offices to comply with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act. Portum allows customers to update their location in real time, so the Company was able to reduce their liability by providing the end user the ability to self-manage their location registration. Service levels have quickly improved and employees of the provisioning team have reported increased job satisfaction ultimately impacting the overall customer experience in a positive fashion. Customers’ adoption of the new functions has resulted in a reduction in support calls to the Company’s customer service department.

The Results

Logicom’s Portum delivers notable improvements to Broadsoft’s portal. Portum has features that do not exist in Broadsoft’s CommPilot. The benefits were measurable, showing a reduction in support workload of 30-40%. Due to end user’s ability to manage their own accounts, the Company’s Customer Service department was able to reduce average hold times as call volumes have declined.

The Company’s Provisioning team has reported up to 5 times faster execution of Broadsoft move/add/change administrative functions implementing the improved features provided by Logicom’s Portum portal into the process. Streamlining the onboarding of new customers has positively impacted the Company’s sales, as well as their financial performance.

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